Eat Brownies With No Worries

Dieting and brownie recipes do not normally go together but they certainly can when you follow these great tips and advices! Learn how you can indulge in your brownies and still remain true to your health.

So to make healthier brownie recipes, take out the oil and replace it with applesauce. It provides the same kind of fat that gives you brownies that wonderful taste but the fat it contains is considerably less. You can drastically reduce the calories of your brownie recipes too! Just remember to add a little more applesauce for oil to the recipe. This will make your brownies really yummy, moist, and surprisingly healthy!

When it comes to substituting the sugar content, you can definitely go natural and use honey instead of regular sugar! The best news is that a little goes a long way with honey so you also reduce the calories that you take in using it. But as a good baking tip, remember to decrease the temperature you are using to bake your brownie recipes because honey cooks faster than sugar.

Remember, you can always treat yourself to a delectable brownie even when you are trying to eat healthier. All that you need to do is make some adjustments on your usual brownie recipes and exercise some discipline on your portions and you can certainly enjoy your brownie even when you are on a diet!